World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

One of the most encouraging outcomes of World Oceans Day, which, through a miracle of timing, occurred during the week of our pre-sales launch, was the appearance of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and its advisor James Cameron. WHOI showed this beautiful short video produced by Cameron and the Avatar Alliance Foundation:

Cameron, who advises the Center for Marine Robotics, espoused a point of view that essentially summarized what we’re trying to accomplish with Spotter: to democratize the collection of ocean data.

The Center for Marine Robotics is dedicated to “changing the way humans and machines work together in the ocean by bringing together innovators from a multitude of sectors to challenge conventional thinking, test new ideas, and advance the state of the art.”  

According to Cameron, “I’m known for big projects like the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER science submersible, but I have equal respect for small, low-cost tech tools that are making exploration accessible and creating an onramp for anyone anywhere, at any level of funding, to understand and communicate the vital importance of the world’s oceans.” 

Spoondrift’s goal is exactly what Cameron is talking about -- democratize ocean observations and learn more about the ocean by empowering new groups, organizations, and ocean communities to participate in the exploration. Already the first Spotters are deploying to distant parts of the world to collect data in remote places where conventional instruments are difficult to maintain or operate. And we look forward to contributing to ocean understanding through community-driven data collection in a more connected ocean!